CY-BORG Kickstarter goes live 13/11.


Just a really quick post to share the fact that the much anticipated Kickstarter for CY_BORG goes live tomorrow.  CY_BORG has been trailed as a "messed-up mirror image of MÖRK BORG" and a "nano-infested cyberpunk/doomsday rpg about misfits and punks in a dying capitalist hellscape".

Set in a suitably dystopian future city, players will form a crew of “cybernetic punks and misfits” pitted against an exploitative corporate world, corrupt police forces, other street gangs and alien/nano-worshipping cults. The game draws on a number of themes all typical of the cyberpunk genre - we've got the transhumance experience, climate change/collapse, out-of-control consumerism, the commoditisation of data, toxic capitalism, (is it me or does it all sound a bit close to reality) but of course this high-tech cousin of MÖRK BORG brings with it all the mindless carnage you would expect.

The core book is expected to be around 160 pages, that's about twice the size of MÖRK BORG and is is based on an updated version of those rules. It will still aim to maintain the original rules-light approach while adding new mechanics for players to use, such as hacking, cyber-tech, and vehicular combat.

The spin-off has been penned by Christian Sahlén, and designed and illustrated by Mörk Borg’s graphic designer, illustrator and all round graphical genius Johan Nohr.

If you like MÖRK BORG, you’ll probably like this.

Kickstarter goes live tomorrow!

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