The Romanian Imperative

This week Modiphius Entertainment launched a new PDF adventure for Aching Cthulhu 2d20.  Now, I have to confess that being an earlier backer and supporter of Achtung! Cthulhu I've always been a bit twitchy about its reincarnation in the 2d20 format - but the truth is it grows on you. It's a better system than the Call of Cthulhu/BRP rules I originally played with and it lends itself better (IMHO) to the mix of adventure, exploration, investigation and combat than the Savage Worlds rules do.  Moreover the recent spate of new adventures for the 2d20 game have been really excellent and The Romanian Imperative - written by Patrick McNally - is no exception.

The Romanian Imperative

"It's February 1941 and after the fall of Tobruk in January, Churchill boldly tells the US: “Give us the tools, and we will finish the job." 
Meanwhile, in Romania, a rather unusual occurrence attracts the attention of Section M. In the remote mountains near the village of Zaltan, a prototype Zeppelin named the Huginn has appeared, hovering over the ruins of an ancient castle. The tell tale blue glow of its engines and wolf’s paw insignia, a sure fire indication of the presence of Nachtwölfe.
Rogue Nachtwölfe engineer Johannes Vester has been convinced that a centuries-old legend about a Baron who discovered magical sapphires in the mine beneath the castle a motherload of prized Blauer Kristall awaits, ample fuel to power his nightmare experiments.
Section M quickly dispatches a team to reach these remote mountains to investigate. But things are rarely as simple as they seem in the Secret War and the agents must observe, gain information, overcome foes both mortal and uncanny and ultimately thwart Nachtwölfe’s plans by eliminating the threat of the Huginn by any means necessary.
Just another standard day at the office then…"

There is an excellent blog post on in which Patrick McNally outlines some of the inspirations and details about the module - there are no real spoilers, well no more than there are in the image above!.

The Romanian Imperative is a 32-page PDF, and comes with both full colour and printer friendly versions.  It is written to be suitable for a group of 4-6 agents, and features an intriguing mission which requires a mix of skills including exploration, stealth and combat.  the module will cost you £4.99 (which is a steal really) from the Modiphius webstore or DriveThruRPG.

I was lucky that a friend wanted to run it, so I actually got a chance to play, which hardly ever happens with stuff hot off the press - we did it as a one shot, about six hours of game time all told. I still think that Achtung Cthulhu (and other 2d20 games) are best suited to campaign play and I'm sure that this would make an excellent episode in any ongoing campaign.  If we gave stars out of five on - which we don't  - this would be a 5.  It was great to play, even if my character came to an uncharacteristically messy (but I think still heroic) end.

    In the spirit of full disclosure I did receive a free copy of the PDF for review.


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