Ennies Predictions Roundup

I've been so busy of late that this is far from breaking news, but I wanted to  just comment on the outcome of the 2021 Ennies.  The full results, nominations and winners can be found here.  In a previous post I made a few predictions for categories that particularly interested me this year and thought it only fair that I call out where I got it right('ish) and where I was off the mark.

Best Adventure: I said that this was essentially too. tight to call between ALIEN: Destroyer of Worlds and OSE: Halls of the Blood King, and it looks like the judges agreed with me!  These two great products picking up Silver and Gold respectively.

Best Cartography: I said that I thought it would go to Undying Sands, and in my defence I also called out that I thought that the nature of the product might mean that it could fall short in this category and acknowledged that the category was very tight with ALIEN: Destroyer of Worlds and OSE: Halls of the Blood King in the same category, and in the end it was those two that again picked up Silver and Gold respectively (so I was kind of right'ish?)

Best Game: Here I got back on track with my predictions, I only had eyes for one product in this category Alice is Missing.  Seems the judges agreed and awarded it Gold in this category.  I can't stress how smart I think this little game is and if you want something relatively inexpensive that will be a real departure for your gaming group - especially if you are geographically dispersed this should (IMHO) find it's way into your Christmas stocking.

Best Rules: The judges and I were again on the same page, as with Best Game I only had one pick and that was Alice is Missing which ran off with the Gold.

Best Setting and Best Writing: I pinned my hopes on one work for both of these prestigious categories and I came up short.  I genuinely thought that The Stygian Library: Remastered would stroll off with the main awards here and I'm sad to say it didn't.  In the end it was Brancalonia – Spaghetti Fantasy Setting Book, and Heart: The City Beneath that picked up Silver and Gold in both categories.

Product of The Year: On this one I had it in the bag and then doubted myself - I predicted that Arium: Create, from Adept Icarus would steal the Product of the Year category from Alice is Missing or  The Stygian Library: Remastered.  It didn't - and whilst I think that there is much to merit Arium: Create I was far from disappointed when the Gold went to Alice is Missing giving it an amazing trio of awards.  Our congratulations go out to author Spenser Starke and Renegade Game Studios on a recognisably brilliant game!

All in all I felt pretty pleased with may right'ish predictions, maybe you did better than me?  Just have to wait until next year now too try again.


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