Into the Odd & Free League

I was excited to see today an announcement that Free League (Forbidden Lands, Symbaroum, Mutant Year Zero, Tales From the Loop, the One Ring) have entered into a publishing partnership on the new edition of the acclaimed weird-fantasy TTRPG Into The Odd, With the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign to bring the remastered edition of Into The Odd to production.  The new version is still written by Chris McDowall, but will have the added flair of art and graphic design by Johan Nohr (MÖRK BORG) and will be printed and distributed by Free League Publishing. For me this is a really exciting proposition, Into The Odd, first published in 2014, was already a great game with a well established following.I am also very much a fan of  Electric Bastionland which expanded upon the systems developed in Into the Odd.

The remastered version is true to the original and will revisit the world of Industrial Bastionland, the Kickstarter mockups and sample spreads look to be heading towards a very  lavish hardback, in effect a full-colour restoration of the original but with expanded content.  Such content is expected to include an expansion of the Iron Coral expedition location from the original game, tripling it in  size and details, as well as other expanded and new adventure locales. The Kickstarter details that there will be an additional 26 pages of modules and random tables in the "Oddpedium" to help Game-Masters flesh out the world. 

The Kickstarter is a simple proposition. with no complex bundles, simply back the digital or physical versions of the new book.  It runs until the 21st of October and has already (at time of writing on day 1) tripled it's modest £10,000 goal with 1150 backers signed up.  This means that the first two stretch goals have already fallen and as a result Chris McDowall will release a series of audio commentaries discussing the game and the work that went into its remaster, with special guests for each episode. And, Johan Nohr will be designing a brand new character sheet for the game.

Backing the Kickstarter will cost you £28 (plus shipping) for the hardback - which includes a PDF copy. Or Just £14 for a digital only copy.

Personally I can't wait.


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