YOLO Last Bullet Ed.

This game was written to satisfy my desire to roleplay in a high action, post apocalyptic, zombie infested world. It is inspired by my love of action humor-horror movies where everyday heroes face larger than life challenges and generally speaking come out on top. For inspiration you can draw upon any Zombie movie, but for me it was the “Shaun Of The Dead”, “Cockneys vs Zombies”, “Zombieland”, “Dead Snow”, style of movies that I wanted to emulate for my players, maybe with a dash of the “Resident Evil” franchise thrown in to gloss things up a little!
The Zombie survival genre is incredibly wide ranging and gives you the game master huge scope for one shot, quick games or continent spanning campaigns, or indeed anything in between.

It is also true to say that there are plenty of perfectly good Zombie genre RPG’s out there today, but I was looking for something rules light. Something story led and simple to play, with lots of heroic action, the stuff that movies are made of. Hopefully that is what I have achieved with YOLO.

YOLO provides a simple background and rules set to allow you to play highly cinematic games without the need for huge amounts of preparation. Everything you could possibly need, with the exception of pencils, paper, six sided dice, some simple counters and a few friends is included in this book.