Weapon Cards (WWII)

A set of 32 WWII weapons with statistics on handy cards, for use in your game of Savage Worlds. The deck contains a collection of the most famous and iconic German and British weapons of WWII.

All the weapons stats your players need, always in one convenient place.
If like me you find that you are constantly updating your weapons list on your character sheet to reflect that latest cool equipment that you have been able to wrest from the hands of a fallen enemy, or have been provided with by His Majesty’s quartermaster then our WWII weapon cards might be just what you need.

No more crossing out old weapons on your character sheet. You can easily trade your weapons with other players. The cards are quick and easy to reference during combat. Each card records the vital statistics for a specific weapon; Range, Damage, Rate Of Fire, Minimum Strength, Weight, Shot Capacity, AP and other notes.

This pack provides a combination of classic British and German weapons of the Second World War (sixteen from each country). Including handguns, sub-machine guns, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, mortars, fighting knives grenades and other surprises. In addition you will find a page of blank cards to record your own stats and a print and fold tuck box in which to keep your cards.

HANDGUNS: Browning HP35 (9mm), Enfield No2. MkI, Webley MkIV, Welrod (9mm)
SUBMACHINE GUNS: Lanchester (9mm), Sten (9mm)
MACHINE GUNS: Besa Mk III (7.92), Bren Gun (.303), Vickers (.303)
RIFLES: Boys Anti-Tank Rifle (.55), De Lisle Carbine (.45), Lee Enfield No.4 (.303)
OTHER: Browning Automatic shotgun (12g), 2" Mortar, Number 23 MkII Grenade, Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

HANDGUNS: Luger P08 (9mm), Walther P38 (9mm), Walther PPK (9mm)
SUBMACHINE GUNS: Maschinenpistole 38 (MP38), Maschinenpistole 40 (MP40)
MACHINE GUNS: Falschirmjagergewehr 42 (FG42), Maschinengewehr 34 (MG34), Maschinengewehr 42 (MG24)
RIFLES: Karabiner 98K Sniper, Mauser Gewehr 43, Sturmgewehr 44
OTHER: Flammenwerfer 41, Panzerfaust 30, Granatwerfer 36, Stielhandgranate 24, SS Dagger