Sixgun Scenario & Resources

Im a huge fan of the 1PG rules from Deep7 Press they are simple, honest role-play games that don't take ages to learn and provide a good fun game. Of all of them Sixgun is my favourite. What you will find here is a set of resources for your own Sixgun game centred around “Hang them at Bear Springs” a scenario which was put together for use at BURPS REUNIcON 2007. The plot of the scenario is drawn entirely from two of the brief scenarios provided with the Sixgun rules; “Tumbleweed” and “The Hanging Judge”, but the setting of Bear Springs is completely new and original.

Bear Springs owes a lot of inspiration to Knuckleduster Publications “Cowtown Creator” and to Eric Hotz “Whitewash City” for its buildings – if you have access to the Whitewash city floor plans then there is an appendix which identifies which buildings are which at the end of this scenario. Many thanks must also go to Claire Wittwer (nee Mayne) who provided a large number of the capsule backgrounds for characters in Bear Springs.

The scenario is aimed at around three and a half hours of playtime for a group of up to eight experienced role-players and a full set of pre-generated characters are attached, although players may be encouraged to generate their own, or use existing ones, if the GM prefers.

The links below are for the following resources:

Hang Them At Bear Springs
A scenario and complete setting for Sixgun - The Game Of The Western, but easily converted for any other wild west rag (Boot Hill, Wild West, Deadlands, Coyote Trail, Gunmans Law etc.)

Sixgun - The Game Of The Western Character Sheet
A downloadable, printer friendly, character sheet for use with Sixgun - The Game Of The Western

Wells Fargo Rules
Handout / Prop - Poster from inside the stagecoach, where the Hang Them At Bear Springs game starts, with the rules for riding the stage.

Pre-Generated Character Set
A set of eight pre-generated characters for use with “Sixgun the game of the Western” that have been created with the “Hang them at Bear Springs” scenario in mind. The scenario ideally needs a minimum of four players and the GM is urged to use the remainder as NPC’s to bolster the ranks if need be.

Hang Them At Bear Springs

Sixgun Character Sheet

Wells Fargo - Stagecoach Rules

Pre-Generated Character Set