Cthulhian Charades & Taboo

Contains 100 maddening cards in five cunning categories; Creatures, Tomes, Personalities, Places and Things for you to describe or mime – the ultimate Cthulhian party game for those Lovecraft aficionados who “know it all”...

Everything you need to play two classic parlour games! Free your inner Lionel Blair or Una Stubbs and take on your friends at Charades - special Clue-thulhu's to help the teams identify one of a hundred tricky subjects. If charades isn't your thing and you prefer to articulate your clues then try Cthulhu Taboo. Don't use any of the words on the cards, but try and narrate the horror you are faced with to your team.

There is probably nothing more sanity blasting than watching Grandma try and mime classic tomes such as "OF EVIL SORCERIES DONE IN NEW ENGLAND OF DAEMONS IN NO HUMAN SHAPE" or "UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN" or Aunty Doris trying to talk her way around the "MAZE OF THE SEVEN THOUSAND CRYSTAL FRAMES"…

By far our most downloaded item of all time, think you can do it? Think you know your Cthulhu Mythos? Had a beer too many? If you can answer yes to all of the above then you might as well give it a go.

Cthulian Charades, you don't have to be insane to play it - but it might help!