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Welcome to miskatonic.co.uk

Welcome to the new look miskatonic.co.uk. For some time now I had been using the e107 CMS as the engine behind the website but of late I had been the victim of some irritating spamers – so I decided the time was right to change.

With that in mind I have decided to focus on two things, firstly I want to continue to have somewhere where I can make roleplaying info and resources available to the regular vistors to my site, but also to have somewhere where I can capture, simply, other thoughts and musings. Secondly, I want to post some of my photography for friends and family to see, I’m certainly no David Bailey but I do enjoy immensely taking having my camera with me and taking photographs of things that catch my eye.

So in the end I have settled upon using WordPress to drive the blog and to share my roleplaying materials and Pixelpost to handle the photographs. Both have proved simple and easy to install and configure and so far I think that they will serve my purpose admirably.

The forums at BURPS.miskatonic.co.uk continue to be based upon MyBB and I have yet to find anything that would make me want to change that, also easily installed and configured to meet my needs.

I hope you enjoy the new look to the site, I hope to make it much more interactive than the old site ever was and to post much more frequently. As always I am keen to hear your feedback so please feel free to email me at derek @ miskatonic.co.uk.