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The Download Stacks

Miskatonic_PDF_dwnldOver the many years that miskatonic.co.uk has been floating around the ether of the web we have shared a goodly number of downloads. Anything from house rules, GM resources, weapons cards, character sheets through to scenarios, pregen character packs and of course our much downloaded Cthulian Charades & Taboo cards.

For the first time we have collected all of the most popular downloads into one place to make them easy to find without having to go through the backlog of posts on the site.  So on the menu bar at the top of this page you will now find a link to the miskatonic.co.uk official Download Stacks.

Have fun with what you find there, all we ask that is that you bear in mind that all of the material is made available free of charge and ask that you respect the rights of the authors and any other attributions contained in the documents.  Furthermore, it is asked that where a banner or other reference to miskatonic.co.uk is included it should be retained.  No material available from miskatonic.co.uk may be sold or used for personal gain.

That’s just about all the legal mumbo jumbo covered, for more you can take a look at our websites legal disclaimer here.

G*M*S Magazine

I don’t often mention other peoples websites, blogs etc and to be fair I’m not sure why.  Todays interactive communities are a big part of the board game and RPG scene.  Hardly anyone I know today will buy a game without first checking it out online for reviews, unboxings, and to get good look at what people are actually saying about it before parting with their hard earned cash.  For quite a while now there has been a link over there on the right of my pages to one such site, one where I know I will get a good honest and unbiased view – G*M*S Magazine.

I’m also a big fan of G*M*S Magazine as a result of their Kickstarter for their webshow Dice & Slice.  A show which combines my favorite things, games and food.  Dice & Slice may actually help get us off of the Doritos and Haribo, (other crispy and gooey snacks are available), and get us preparing some slightly more wholesome food to have with our games.  I did a plug for Dice & Slice when the Kickstarter was up and running (you can find it here – watch the video, its good!)  and as a result of backing that Kickstarter I got the chance to go and meet up with Paco and Martin from G*M*S Magazine and to film a game unboxing or two.  It was great fun, I learnt a lot about what it takes to make a professional looking video (and what the clapboard is really for) and I got to run my hands over a number of really good games.

The first of those games was “Odins Table” from Mindwarrior Games – “Odin’s Table” is a strategic board game where two players, (assisted by the ancient Viking gods), try to move their game pieces to the enemies fortress in order to win in a quite strategic game of tactics and bluff.  Take a look at the unboxing video and see what you think – I quite like it!



If you enjoyed the video then make sure to visit G*M*S Magazine and subscribe to their updates – you’ll get some great impartial views on games and be sure to look out for Dice & Slice, I’ve tasted one of the upcoming recipes and I’m looking forward to making it myself.

Ia! F’tagn!


Dice & Slice, Season One

I want to draw your attention to a slightly different games related Kickstarter, with some very curious backer rewards. I have several reasons for doing so but possibly the best of which being that I really like the idea and just wish that I a) had thought of it myself and b) had the time and the talent to follow through on it.  So… Feast, (literally), your eyes on G*M*S Magazine’s “Dice & Slice” Season One.

The basic idea is that the good folks at G*M*S Magazine – there’s a link in the sidebar – want to do a new kind of  webshow about gamers, gaming and of course food. The basic premise is that each of the 15 episodes will look at a game (board game/RPG etc) but will also throw in a recipe or two for the players to munch on while they get to it.  Maybe its partly because I’m advancing in years, but this really appeals to me – I love cooking, I love eating with friends and I really love playing games…  Dammit, they are onto a winning formula.  Here before we say anything else – checkout a muffin recipe.

Now at the top of the page I said that the Kickstarter offered some curious backer rewards, and it does.  Ultimately the show will be about the gamers; the pledge levels and rewards reflect that and give backers a big say in how the show will be run. As backers you can help decide what games are played and possibly more importantly what recipes are cooked.

There are also opportunities to participate in playing the games with with the guys from G*M*S Magazine, or to join them to record an unboxing video.  If you are a game designer/publisher then you could even back at a level to get your game featured in one of the shows.  As far as Kickstarters go this is something different, its by someone who is clearly passionate about the games industry and G*M*S Magazine is a great site that will only be further enhanced by the addition of Dice & Slice.  I for one can’t wait to see the web shows when they launch.  The guys have already reached their minimum funding target (and first stretch goal), so this is something that is really going to happen.  Throw them a few gold coins and help them hit their stretch goals, and help shape the shows – take a look at the Kickstarter and if nothing else try the muffin recipe (I’d suggest for my gaming group the addition of some very thinly sliced red and green chilis, candied in sugar sprinkled on the top of each muffin – but then we are a pretty hardcore bunch).

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A friend of mine recently posted this link on Facebook and I couldn’t resist sharing here at miskatonic.co.uk.

Ever wanted your own custom Judge badge logo, or character badges for your Judge Dredd game?  Of course you have and thanks to Michael Carroll you now can.

Just visit the link here and enter your name, or you chaacters name, where it says Judge Name and hey presto instant Judge.

As if that wasn’t enough there are eights styles of Judge badge to choose from; Classic, Brit-Cit, Emerald Isle, Sov-Block, Cal-Hab, Oz, Dark Judge and an original cartoon style.

Have fun,


You are part of the RPG BLOG Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!

miskatonic.co.uk is extremely proud to have become a member of the RPG Blog Alliance.

What’s that we hear you ask? Well, the RPGBA is collection of Pencil and Paper Role Playing Game related websites that opt-in to be aggreated. Members benefit from having a relationship to each other and by having a unifed place for people to look for RPG material. The RPGBA does not include the entire source material but rather includes the first 100 words and links back to the original source. In this way members get traffic to their respective sites while still getting the benefit of belonging to the Alliance.

For us here at miskatonic the most important thing is that it is a great way to discover new and interesting RPG Blogs, and hopefully for more people to discover us.

Do you want to know more? – Checkout the RPGBA here.

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