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Scenario from ReuniCon 2008

I prepared one main scenario for ReuniCon 2008, where I ran a game using STAR-LEGION: Sci-Fi Adventure a 1PG game from Deep7. You can download the PDF version from the link here along with a full set of pregenerated characters for in a handy zip file.

STAR-LEGION: Sci-Fi Adventure – O’Shans 2512

O’Shans 2512 is a scenario for STAR-LEGION: Sci-Fi Adventure. The scenario was written by Derek Mayne for use at BURPS ReuniCon 2008. It is a plot that centres around a drugs heist at a luxury Casino resort. The scenario was written with the Casino Galactica supplement for SPACE OPERA by FGU firmly in mind and uses that the locations from that setting, whilst some details are referred to here it would not be difficult to adapt the scenario to set it in your own fantasy casino or recreational off-world setting.



Deep7 1PG game Character Sheets

I have become a really big fan of a series of games published by Deep7 (www.deep7.com) and available online from Precis Intermedia Games (www.pigames.net). Attached below you will find three character sheets for use with three of my favourite games from this range; HERO FORCE: SUPER ADVENTURE! , STAR LEGION: SCI-FI ADVENTURE and EXOSUIT A-OK: ANIME ADVENTURE.

The games are based on a standard and very simple system with the rules fitting, (more or less), on one page. They are ideal for ad-hoc play and lend themselves to light-hearted “beer & pretzel” style gaming. However, I have managed to get at least one group of people seriously involved in a 1PG setting culminating in a very long running campaign!

The character sheets below are all PDF files, just click the image below to download.