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Working With Monsters – 7th Edition

page-1-processed It seems an age ago that we shared a couple of scenarios for use with Call of Cthulhu including “Working With Monsters”, a scenario for a small group of experienced investigators which proved to be a very popular download.

Having had my Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition rules for a while now I decided to revisit “Working With Monsters” and update it for use with the new rule set.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy and quick it was to do, and I have plans to update the follow up scenario “Working With Monsters Again” in due course.  I also took the opportunity to update the layout and to amend a few minor details which improve the overall playability.

As always you’ll find the download freely available to download and share in our “stacks”, we hope you enjoy it.  You can go directly to the download here or browse through the Download Stacks – see the menu bar above.


Oshans 2512 (Starlegion)

Bunker 0472 is a scenario for the Starlegion 1PG RPG published by 7Deep and available from Precis Intermedia Games (www.pigames.net).

The scenario was written by Derek Mayne for use at BURPS ReuniCon 2008. It draws heavily for the setting on “Casino Galactica” which was published by Fantasy Games Unlimited as a supplement for  their game Space Opera in 1983. The original “Casino Galactica” was written by Steven B Todd of Gnome Mountain Workshops and illustrated by Steven S Crompton.

The players will be organising and carrying out a heist at a luxury Casino on a popular recreation planet. Our heroes are part of a crew carrying out the daring plan. This is an all action scenario which should bowl along at a fast pace. Full of intrigue and double cross, inspired by the Oceans 11 series of movies with elements of Deep Space 9 meets Mission Impossible maybe?

miskatonic.co.uk is in no way affiliated with Precis Intermedia Games, orFantasy Games Unlimited but we do admire their work!

The Key And The Gate

There is very little of my original work that I could ever claim about this scenario, it is simply a write up of the notes and scribbles that I added to the margins of excellent and original idea by Chris Hind first published in the much missed White Wolf Magazine, Issue 22, October 1990.  I hope that if Chris ever sees it he will accept it as the respectful homage that it is.  The Key and the Gate is a Call of Cthulhu Scenario for three to five investigators adapted and updated, respectfully, by Derek Mayne.

Working With Monsters

Working with Monsters is a scenario for Call Of Cthulhu, set in the 1920’s.  Our intrepid investigators  are engaged by a Vampire to recover a lost spell book…

Working With Monsters Again

A further adventure for Call Of Cthulhu wherein our intrepid investigators continue their relationship with the vampire Alexander Charbonneau and become involved in the secrets behind a bohemian nightclub “Thirteen Souls”…