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Teach Your Kids To Game – Day 1

To get “Teach Your Kids to Game Week” underway here is one for the big kids amongst you; the subject matter is suitable for kids of most ages but the games system might be a little on the complicated side for the youngest of our adventurers.

Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game, was originally published by TSR from 1984 to early 1990’s and has long been out of print.  You can pick up the occasional set or supplement from ebay for reasonable prices although it has become quite a collectible in its own right.

Marvel Super HeroesPlaying MSH with younger children is great, so many are familiar with Spiderman, the Hulk and the X-Men, but there are also so many other heroes and villains for them to learn about.  It’s a genre of RPG that truly unites many generations of roleplayer.  As introductory RPGs go, this is a very good one. The rules are relatively simple, and the Universal table, used to resolve the outome of actions, is a straightforward and effective mechanic.  The game was very popular in its day and its appeal is such that I understand that there may be a re-launch during 2012 with Margaret Weis Productions being rumored to have acquired the license to publish an RPG based on Marvel superheroes – watch this space, we will let you know.

If you are interested in playing MSH there is an amazing website that you need to visit.  ClassicMarvelForever.com is an almost complete net resource for everything related to the Marvel Super Heroes game and this includes downloads of almost everything you could possibly wish for.

For the big kids, ClassicMarvelForever.com has so much material, not only can you download PDF’s of almost every published rulebook and supplement but there are many fan and net updates to be found there.  The site itself contains a wealth of house rules, background information and more.  There is truly more than you could ever need to run a huge MSH campaign, literally hundreds of hours of games material.

So kick off the week and Teach Your Kids To Game with Marvel Super Heroes, but as Uncle Owen once said to Peter Parker; “with great power comes great roleplaying”… well I’m sure it was words to that effect.

Ia! F’tagn!