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Character sheets for Call of Cthulhu

Dear Derek...Over the last few days I have been tidying up a number of broken links on the site and reposting much of the older downloadable content, (more about that in a future post). We have a wide variety of content going back to the year 2000 and have been using every version of WordPress since 2005 and over time and some things have just got misplaced, lost or broken.

One thing that people continually come looking for here at miskatonic.co.uk are character sheets for Call of Cthulhu, and to be fair, we used to host copies of the official printable pdfs.  However, as editions have changed we never really kept up-to-date, so rather than post yet another set of pdf copies I thought it would be more useful to point people in the right direction.

The Chaosium Free Downloads Centre has copies of character sheets for all of their games along with the occasional scenario and/or other resource. Enjoy browsing.

Ia! F’tagn!


Rolemaster Printable Character Sheet

There are hundreds of different character sheets out there for ICE’s Rolemaster, this is one that I drew up many years ago and which has always just about served its purpose.  It is totally and completely unofficial – miskatonic.co.uk has no affiliation or connection with ICE – but we do love a game of Rolemaster every now and again….