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Where have we been?

Its’ a good question, and it has certainly been a while since the last update or post here at miskatonic.co.uk.  What’s worse is it has been a really busy time in the games world and there are a host of things I’d like to have been writing about; my copy of “Horror on the Orient Express” finally arrived, and other Kickstarters have delivered as well, including the “Cthulhu Britannica London Box Set” which is a thing of extreme beauty. The Ennie nominations came and went, GenCon is upon us, and yet I have not managed to find time for reviews, moans, groans or eulogising about any of these things.

So why?

Well the answer is I’m helping to organise an RPG Games Day in Brighton, East Sussex, on the 5th September and I’ll be honest and say that it is pretty much all I think about when it comes to games at the minute.  This will be the eighth such games day that we have organised, badged as ReuniCon, it has until now been a great excuse to get as many previous members of Brighton University’s Roleplaying Society (BURPS) together as we can, to play games and generally catch up.  Now given that the society got going in 1987 and as the strapline says “we are still slaying dragons”, there have been a lot of changes over the years, we have had people from every incarnation of the society take part, some of us have brought friends along, some of us have taken our kids, the thing has grown, evolved, matured.  Then this year a big change – we needed a new venue – we weren’t able to use the Student Union premises that we had been fortunate enough to enjoy for the last seven years of hosting the event, and we needed to find somewhere else.

So what?

Well what this has done for us is two things; one ithas made us go and find a venue we could afford but wasn’t someones kitchen, it has made us charge admission from people who had enjoyed the day for free for many years.  Secondly it also gave us an opportunity to open our doors to the wider public, to do what we started out doing twenty eight years ago, it gave us the chance to share our hobby with complete strangers.  This in turn has meant that we need to be a little bit better organised that perhaps we might have been…  It has meant organising tickets (which you can get here), getting the venue, having a schedule, ensuring we have enough GM’s for any eventuality, competitions, t-shirts and so much more.

Its keeping me busy, but its going to be great fun. We know we will probably not get the hundreds and hundreds that will turn up at say Dragonmeet, and we don’t have a trade hall (yet!), but we do have some awesome GM’s, some fantastic games and a growing list of attendees all of whom I’m looking forward to meeting.  I also know that there is nothing else really like it on the South coast so we are here to stay and whilst we might start modestly, in this our eighth year, we already have amazing plans for next year!

Sun, Sea & Roleplaying – sounds perfect?

Sure it does  – and there are only 38 days left to get a ticket (from here), and we will start sharing details of the organised games over the next few weeks and allow people to start pre-booking places on their favourites.  We have plenty of space if you want to come and run your own game, we will even promote it if you get in touch (enquiries@reunicon.uk).

You can find all the details you need, including help on where to find us, where to stay and what to expect on our website at www.reunicon.uk as well as on twitter @ReuniCon #reunicon2015 and on facebook.

Come down to Brighton, play some fantastic games and meet some great people.  We would love to see you at our games day by the seaside.




Bunker 0472 (Earth AD.2)

Bunker 0472 is a scenario for EARTH AD.2. the post apocalyptic roleplaying game from Precis Intermedia Games.  The scenario was written by Derek Mayne for use at BURPS ReuniCon 2007. It represents are rather straightforward Dungeon Crawl but is designed to evoke some of the uncertainty and terror that we associate with classic science fiction, the use of the Air Ducts by the enemy and so on.

miskatonic.co.uk is in no way affiliated with Precis Intermedia Games, but we do admire their work!

Hang Them High at Bear Springs (Sixgun)

The “Hang them at Bear Springs” scenario was put together for use at BURPS ReuiCon 2007. It is intended for use with “Sixgun the Game of the West” a 1PG game from Deep7 Games and available from Precis Intermedia Games (www.pigames.net). The basic plot is drawn entirely from two of the brief scenarios provided with the Sixgun rules; “Tumbleweed” and “The Hanging Judge”.

The setting of Bear Springs itself is entirely original creation but owes a lot of inspiration to Knuckleduster Publications “Cowtown Creator” and to Eric Hotz “Whitewash City”.  The scenario is aimed at around three and a half hours of playtime for a group of up to eight experienced role-players and a full set of pre-generated characters are included and can also be downloaded as a zip file from miskatonic.co.uk.

miskatonic.co.uk is in no way affiliated with either Deep7 or Precis Intermedia Games, but we do admire their work!

ReuniCon 2015 RPG Day – Brighton

Eventbrite - ReuniCon 2015 RPG Day
Tickets are now available for the 8th BURPS ReuniCon RPG day event.  It promises as always to be a packed day of roleplaying games. The event is put together by a team who have been playing, running, writing and designing games for several decades. There is sure to be games to suit everyones tastes.

Throughout the day a number of roleplaying games will be organised and run for groups of between four and six players.  All you need to bring is your imagination!  Whether you are a seasoned roleplay gamer, or just fancy dipping your toe into the hobby for the first time they will be happy to have you join them.

Tickets are available online via Eventbite (here) priced at £5 for a whole days gaming.  The event is being held at the Hanover Community Centre, 33 Southover Street, Righton, BN2 9UD. on Saturday, 5 September 2015 and will run from 10:00 to 22:00.

It promises to be a great day out, and an opportunity to make some new friends, maybe meet up with some old ones.  The ReuniCon RPG Day event has something for everyone, following on from previous years successful themed events, such as the “Zombiethon ReuniCon” and last years “Superhero Day” this years event has a general fantasy theme, but maybe with a few surprises and twists thrown in.

Please note that some games may contain adult humor and themes – Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Eventbrite - ReuniCon 2015 RPG Day

STOP PRESS – ReuniCon – Rumours of plans for 2011 event!

A high profile source has confirmed rumours that plans are being discussed for a 2011 REUNIcON event, recognising twenty five years of the BURPS roleplaying fraternity.  Whilst details of the top secret plans are vague, it would make sense that this would take place in September 2011 prior to the commencement of the new University term.  You are strongly advised to start clearing your diary now…

As yet nothing has been oficially announced on either the BURPS Facebook group or on their official site here.  But be assured that miskatonic.co.uk will bring you further news as it breaks.

Ia! F’tagn!