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Apocalypse World Playbooks – updated

Apocalypse WorldHaving recently posted about how much I like Lumpley Games, “Apocalypse World” I now find myself caught up in the fascinating struggle to obtain the full set of “official” playbooks, of which there are currently five:

The MAESTRO D’, was given to people who preordered Apocalypse World at its initial release. The Maestro D’ runs a social establishment, like a bar, a drug den or a bordello.

The FACELESS (codesigned by Bret Gillan), was for people who buy, play, or run Apocalypse World at conventions. The Faceless is a giant unstoppable killing machine, but built for tragedy.

The QUARANTINE, for people who supported Joshua A.C. Newman’s kickstart for Shock:Human Contact. The Quarantine is a soldier from the past who’s been in stasis since the apocalypse.

The HOARDER (codesigned by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat), for people who contributed to Elizabeth’s Sight for Sore Eyes benefit. The Hoarder is a creepy character with a powerful collection of goods and a uniquely appraising vision.

And the TOUCHSTONE, for everyone who buys Apocalypse World on or after April 1, 2011. The Touchstone hopes and fights for a better future that only she can see.

The author, Vincent Baker, recommends trading with others to acquire playbooks you don’t have… So, I currently have the HOARDER, the QUARANTINE and the TOUCHSTONE playbooks and would love to trade those for the MAESTRO D’ and the FACELESS.  If you can help then drop me a line derek at miskatonic.co.uk

Ia! F’tagn.