Happy New Year

Dear Derek...To all our visitors, we wish a very happy new year and hope that the holiday season has been kind to you.

The end of 2012 was a difficult time for miskatonic.co.uk, with work (the day job) taking up most of my time there has been nothing new of note posted here at msikatonic.co.uk since Halloween, which just isn’t good enough.  We were admittedly hedging our bets with regard to the world ending because the Mayans hadn’t bothered with a new calendar, would have been a shame to waste any good content…

So its my resolution that we will aim to bring you many nice shiny posts through 2013, hopefully including some submissions from guest posters and continuing the Publisher Spotlight section to help bring attention to those publishers that we feel are really making a difference with their products.

In 2012 we saw, and participated in a a host of Kickstarter projects and to a lesser extent  Indiegogo campaigns focussed on roleplaying games.  In recognition of this trend, we intend to feature what we feel are the best of the current crop of investment opportunities for your hard earned gold pieces.

I know the end of 2012 was a little barren – but please stick with us, it promises to be a very exciting 2013.

Ia! F’tagn


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