Emergence: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG

A pen & paper RPG that blends the best parts of fantasy & sci-fi into a world that is exciting, fresh, and yet strikingly familiar.

Well, that’s the headline over at the Emergence Kickstarter page and I have to say I really like the look of what they are pulling together.

Emergence Concept Art

Concept art by Dusty Crosley- A glimpse of Emergence: cliffside view of the traditional fortress of Marac’Tun and the contemporary city of Haven

This is a game that really appeals to me, it looks to have the feel of something like Jorune, one of my favorite all time games, and the combination of fantasy and Sci-Fi in this way have always worked well. When I was a kid I loved the Flash Gordon TV serials with Prince Barron living a Robin Hood like existence in an almost medieval world, Ming’s castles, monsters, ray guns…  I’m sure Emergence is more sophisticated than the old Flash Gordon series, but it is that combination of genres that I find so very exciting.  It isn’t the post apocalyptic gritty worlds that we see in so many games where, sure enough, humanity has almost regressed to a dark ages existence and mutants roam wild, no – this is a more luxurious setting.

“In the year 1982, Earth’s destiny was forever altered by the swing of a hammer. A simple mining operation led to an unprecedented discovery: the Infinity Stone, a stone with an impossible number of facets, emanating an intense inner glow and inscribed in an unknown language. This beautiful, alien object changed everything, for it was a window to other realities, allowing glimpses of what might be or could have been. Years of exhausting–and sometimes disastrous–experimentation culminated in a discovery beyond imagination: the stone opened a portal to a mystical world teeming with life, full of clean air and azure skies. In this world, our fantasies were reality. Legendary creatures roamed the land and sky while elves, dwarves, and orcs inhabited the land in place of humans.

It is in man’s nature to explore the unknown, to know what lies beyond, and so blindly humanity plunged…”

The game mechanics also look well considered and not just different for the sake of it. The “Tri-Die system” is the core mechanic for the Emergence roleplaying game.  where all checks are made by rolling three six-sided dice.  According to the games creators this gives two big advantages over a single dice roll:

“First, the probability of results when using three dice follows a bell curve. Thus, while very high and very low rolls are possible, they are far less likely to occur than a roll somewhere near the middle of the range.  The random element of the roll is more predictable, which in turn inspires confidence when making character choices without removing the possibility for unexpected failure or longshot success.”

“Second, because we are using multiple dice for each check, we can attach additional game mechanics to the result of each of the six-sided dice in the roll.  This mechanic opens many options for interesting effects related to all types of rolls.  Examining the results of the individual dice is also how we created our multiple stage critical success and fumble system.”

You can find out lots more about the Emergence RPG and its concepts, along with some examples of the really great looking artwork over at the playemergence website.

We are backing their kickstarter project to get this game released, and we hope you will to.

Kickstarter is a great way for teams like the people behind Emergence to get their products out there.  This looks brilliant, go on give them some of your hard earned money and support the games industry the best way, by giving independent projects like this a fighting chance to bring us all something different.

Ia! F’tagn!


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