Working on the railroad – Chaosium Kickstarter

Of late there have been some truly inspirational Kickstarter projects and now Chaosium have come up with one that I find irresistible.  A reimagining of the classic and ever so deadly Horror On The Orient Express a campaign that I have many fond memories of running.  The Kickstarter is open until the 30th September… Here are just some of the details from Chaosium.

Horror On The Orient Express - Chaosium Kickstarter

Horror on the Orient Express is a Call of Cthulhu campaign that was first released in 1991 as a boxed set. The original boxed set came in a cardstock box that included a 28-page strangers booklet, a campaign booklet, three adventure books, a 28-page player’s handout booklet, cardstock maps of the train, and various other maps and handout material.

The Definitive Edition

The reprint will contain all of the content of the original campaign, plus an expanded roster of NPCs, and a new afterward by the original authors. Booklets will have improved cardstock covers, will feature additional art, and the handouts will be expanded to include a matchbox, similar to the one included in our very first boxed campaign Masks of Nyarlathotep in 1984.

They hope to include additional materials as stretch goals, including an Orient Express menu and coasters.

Premise of the Campaign

A puzzling headline begins a front-page article found in the Times of London. Three men, all identified as the same man, were found in the same room of the Chelsea Arms. All were killed in the same manner — stabbed through the heart.

Then the home of a valued friend burns to the ground, severely burning him in the process. An odd summons, a surreptitious meeting, and a thousand-mile journey begins on the legendary rail service carrying the investigators to the Gateway of the Orient.

Horror on the Orient Express contains a massive adventure for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Beginning in 1920s London, the investigators journey to Paris and then to the ancient city of Constantinople.The campaign is made up of four legs of the journey, each contained in its own book: Through the Alps, Italy and Eastern Europe, Constantinople & Return, andStrangers On The Train. Take part in this epic adventure either as gamemaster or as an investigator, either way you are in for a harrowing and exciting adventure!

The reprint has been long-awaited by both the folks at Chaosium as well as by their loyal fans. They are happy to announce this Kickstarter campaign for the reprinted boxed set of Horror on the Orient Express!

They will be releasing a re-imagined Horror on the Orient Express boxed set. This project will have new art, revamped maps, and fun goodies to aid in the roleplaying experience.

Stretch Goals

As with many Kickstarter projects to keep the funding coming after meeting that initial target Chaosium are teasing us with some great stretch goals such as the ones listed below, with the promise of more to come:

New Map: Improved artwork including everyone who pledged at or above the $90 reward level a full-color poster-sized map of the train route.  All backers at or below the $70 reward level will receive a PDF of the color map (a PDF of the map will be rewarded to all levels at or above $10). – Goal met at time of writing.

Updated and improved art, and revamped handouts: Goal met at time of writing.

An Alternate Ending: This new alternate ending will give you the option of finishing the campaign early, in Istanbul. Thanks to our backers for this suggestion!

Campaign Survival Guide: This all-new section will contain rules and suggestions for keeping the story going through this infamously lethal campaign.

Horror On The Orient Express - Chaosium Kickstarter

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