Obsidian Apocalypse – KICKSTARTER

Obsidian Apocalypse - Kickstarter“From out of the dark and forbidding heavens hurtles a great meteor, black as night itself; it carves through Abaddon’s atmosphere, calves into massive sections and rains down upon the world in great shards. It obliterates cities, shatters the living rock, sends tidal waves swamping over islands and drowns the coasts, ignites volcanoes, and sets the ground quaking. Eight in ten or more of the sentient population of Abaddon are killed in moments. No sorcery, no prayer, no force of arms, nor cunning with the builder’s craft can stand against the destruction. Those who survive find themselves in the ruins of civilization, surrounded by the corpses of their nations, overwhelmed by death, and living beneath a soot-black sky. Their suffering does not end there.”

Its easy to get excited about a kickstarter project like this, but I’m also excited about the passion behind the project – in a recent promo email LPJ Design stated that they want “to make a Pathfinder product that players and fans will be talking about for years. I want this product to be LPJ Design’s Tomb of Horrors. The one you can’t forget. I want people to talk about this product and get a little smile in the corner of their mouth remember how their PC was killed and how amazing it was when it happened.”  For sure this is a grand ambition, it certainly made me think about how my character bit the dust in Tomb of Horrors, and maybe it is about time that other companies like LPJ set their sights on helping another generation of roleplayers experience that feeling.  Only time will tell if this will be the success they hope for.  But certainly here at miskatonic.co.uk we wish them all the best and are proud to be one of the supporters of their project.

Take a look at the free “Obsidian Apocalypse: World of Abaddon” download at RPGNow today (click here), and then scurry along and pledge your pennies to support this project.


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