Traveller – Fearful Imagination

Traveller Fearful ImaginationI recently set about writing and running a Science Fiction game using the Traveller rules with a strong theme of Lovecraftian Horror.  I came late in my roleplaying career to the Traveller rules, but despite my preconceptions I have found that I like its simplicity and ease of play.  The one thing missing for me was the concept of Sanity, something that I think is fundamental to the Lovecraftian horror genre.  Wildfire games “Cthonian Stars” does have a nice set of rules for dealing with Lovecrfatian Horror in a Traveller setting and if you are familiar with that set of rules then please ignore this and stick with what you know, because at the end of the day it is all aboutRole-playing not a Rule-playing.


However if you are in need of a simple system for bringing Lovecraftian Horror to your Traveller Science Fiction we present for your immediate delight and edification the “Traveller – Fearful Imagination” rules add-on!

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