Abney Park’s Airship Pirates

Abney Park's Airship PiratesI recently acquired a copy of Abney Park’s Airship Pirates and I have to say that I am really enjoying the concept. I’ve never really grasped the steampunk genre before but this really has got me chomping at the bit to play it.  So much so that I have decided that I will run my first game for a group of friends at a roleplaying reunion in Brighton later this year.  As always the first thing I do when getting to grips with a new system is generate a few characters.  Well Airship Pirates hasn’t been any different and I’ve certainly had some fun generating the motley crew of the airship “Luck Lady” – a mobile casino captained by William Teach-Rackham a disaffected Neo-Victorian Air Navy Officer…  Anyway, once I’m done with them I might post them in the  Download Stacks, as pre-gens for others to enjoy.


The character generation exercise did however give me my first, and only real complaint. The PDF character sheets are pretty to look at on screen, but the mottled parchment effect background makes them slow to print and a little bit difficult to read – not to mention a tad wasteful on the old toner.  So with that in mind and with clearly nothing better to do I knocked up an un-official alternate character sheet very much based on the original – but, well, frankly it is more readable… If you are interested you can find it here or click on the thumbnail.

Ia! Ftagn!


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