Cthulhu in Wonderland

Most of us these days have a kindle, or kindle software on a PC, phone, iPad or whatever. And its fair to say that you can find lots of lovecraft, cthulhu, pulp horror fiction to download and read.  One of the best Lovecraft anthologies for instance is available on Kindle for free, visit the Cthulhuchick website for details here.

Cthulhu in WonderlandMore recently though I stumbled upon “Cthulhu in Wonderland”, by Lewis Carroll and Kent David Kelly, (although in truth I strongly suspect that Carroll has little knowledge of this latest collaboration).

I don’t know why I have never thought of taking Alice and dosing her with Space Mead, or of shoving Cthulhu through the looking glass, but the concept is actually genius.  Playing with the dreamlands ideas and twisting the innocence of the Alice story in the best kind of way.  If you like American McGee’s Alice then you will like this as well.

Available from Amazon at the lordly price of £1.94 (why the 94 pence why not just 2 quid?) the book is great fun. True it could do with a little bit of editorial interference, some layout issues, some grammatical oddities but lets face it, its only going to cost you £1.94 what do you want leather bound calligraphic script…  I knew I was hooked about a paragraph in when Alice muses;

“And what is the use of a mythos tome pertaining to the Slaughter of Humanity, and the cataclysmic End of Days, thought Alice, without pictures or conversations?”

And after that the plunge down the Abyssal Zoog Hole really is just the beginning.  Our top tip for the last day of April is that if you have the technology to read a kindle eBook, treat yourself to “Cthulhu in Wonderland” and see if it doesn’t inspire you to inflict some real horror on your players in that next game of Call of Cthulhu.

Available on Amazon here.

Ia! F’tagn!


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