Teachg Your Kids To Game – Day 7

Well its the end of the week and at miskatonic.co.uk we have really enjoyed sifting through games for kids and looking at the challenges of taking roleplay gaming to the next generation.  We are going to finish up by looking at two products that are not just roleplay games, the first Fuzzy Heroes is really a tabletop miniatures game (with RPG elements) and the second, Dread House is more a board game.

Fuzzy HeroesFuzzy Heroes from Inner City Game Designs is; “a family fun game of combat and adventure for toys and stuffed animals.  It teaches basic miniatures, role playing, and tactics as well as providing wacky fun for even the most veteran gaming enthusiast.  Death and gore free, but with plenty of action, Fuzzy Heroes is a great gateway game for introducing new players to the hobby, while still providing enough depth, thrills, and laughs to provide even the veteran miniatures or role-playing game player with new worlds to conquer”.

Set in the land of Frolichaven where stuffed toys come from and ruled over by Good King Swineheart, keeping it safe for all. But, the Renegade Eye King has other plans and wants to conquer Frolichaven and rule over all toys. So it is up to you, a Fuzzy Hero, to keep Frolichaven safe from the Renegades under the rule of The Eye King.

Players each command one or more fuzzy animals. Each toy’s statistics are derived from its measurements, predominant color, and visible equipment. The basic rules allow toys to move and fight, but the advanced rules add leadership, fortifications, special abilities, new weapons, and fatigue. Honestly if you have, as most of us seem to, a house full of plush toys you  would be mad to pass this up, from  my shelves I took Dilbert, Dangermouse, Pooky Bear and Cthulhu and frankly they are unstoppable characters and bags of fun.

Now published in a second edition and with a bunch of available supplements kids from 7 up are going to love this, its relatively simple, visual and engaging and it is one of my favourite finds in this week of looking at games for kids.  The PDF is available from DriveThruRPG, normally priced at $19.95, but currently just $10 as a part of the kids promotion. – Worth every cent/penny/euro….

The second title, Dread House from Dig a 1000 Holes Publishing is a horror game for “spooky children and brave adults”. It is a role-playing board game in which you play kids who haveDread House dared each other to spend the night in Dread House.  You know, Dread House, the one that sits high upon a lonely hill, at the end of a dark and gloomy street a looming mansion that has been abandoned for years and from which, late at night, things can be heard stirring…

As the players explore the house, they draw cards and describe to each other spooky things they see and useful things they discover. Each players character has special abilities that can help them explore and help each other stand up to the Monsters that lurk in the house. The characters will be scared by many things they encounter in the house and when that happens the players pull blocks from a Tower (Jenga Set – not supplied)  to see if their character stays in the Dread House or if he/she runs home to Mummy.  If the Tower falls when someone pulls, then that person gets to play a Monster in the house which is  a nice touch and keeps everyone involved. If half the kids get scared away, then the Monsters win and the teens have to try another time to prove their bravery. But if the card for the Sunrise is found while enough kids are still in the house, they have made it through the night!

The PDF version of Dread House, available from DriveThruRPG comes with: The Rule Book, Six Character Sheets, Six Monster Sheets, Six Monster Cards, A deck of 22 Spooky Events, A deck of 22 Useful Items and a map of Dread House (printable in three parts).  It is all nicely formatted and ready to print, easily assembled and very importantly, you’ll have to supply your own Jenga set to be able to play!

This is a lovely game, I may even try to get my hands on a proper physical copy rather than the PDF, it is very playable – not just by kids and we can’t recommend it enough.

Hev fun with your kids,

Ia! F’tagn!


Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @ DriveThruRPG.com

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