Teach Your Kids To Game – Day 6

Ok so this ones a bit poor – I’ve suddenly realised that I forgot to put up todays post…  I know I’m a bad man.  Given that this is ostensibly a Lovecraftian, Cthulhu inspired RPG site I’m going to share one of the few Fearless Imagination products suitable for people of any age (not that they will necessarily understand it unless you’ve been reading the Dunwich Horror to them since the age of three).   Find attached our very popular and still free – Cthulhian charades and taboo cards. Ideal for playing with a group of friends, I recommend a group of five or six, and also a few beers maybe to get the thinking muscles nicely relaxed.

The attached PDF file contains 100 clue cards, instruction booklet for both Cthulhian charades and taboo as well as a single page of card backs with a nice tentacle design and of course our web address!





Ia! F’tagn!


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