Ah Pook The Destroyer: The Silver Key

Listen to Ah Pook The Destroyer: The Silver KeyWell this is a first for miskatonic.co.uk, we present for your consideration a musical interpretation of of a classic Lovcraftian tale. Ah Pook The Destroyer is the collaboration between Matthew Broyles of The Matthew Show and Paul Shapera of Mocha Lab and the Silver Key is their first album.

Those of our readers who are familiar with Lovecraft’s short stories will know that the Silver Key is more of a weird tale than a piece of horror, it straddles the borders of fantasy and this musical imagining is equally enigmatic.

As Matthew Broyles says “When people think of H.P.Lovecraft, the first mental impression tends to arise from the dark depths of the Cthulhu mythos. But Lovecraft was also a philosopher, a true iconoclast untempered by the literary zeitgeist of his age. One of the clearest expressions of this aspect is the short story The Silver Key. Ostensibly belonging to his dream-tale canon, upon further examination this is actually in many ways a manifesto, an accounting of one man’s attempt to understand the society into which he was born, and the judgment that it is found lacking.”

The Album is ten extremely varied tracks, and whilst we have no qualified musical critics amongst the minions here at miskatonic.co.uk we can honestly say that we thoroughly enjoyed listening to the album.  To date we have inflicted it upon numerous friends and family, some of whom have no knowledge of Lovecrafts tales and in every case the response has been generally positive and enthusiastic.  At a simplistic level you have a musical interpretation of the tale, but this isn’t a simple linear story telling – this is something more, a re-imagining, an expression through music.  The tracks, as mentioned before, are extremely varied with different styles of music.  Overall the work is atmospheric, expressive and works well.

You can listen to it here, and it can be purchased online from Amazon.com (not unfortunately through amazon.co.uk), CDBaby, iTunes and Bandcamp.

If we were the kind of website that gave stars out of five this would get a full set.  Take the time to chill out and listen to Ah Pook The Destroyers interpretation of this classic Lovecraftian wierd tale, you’ll be glad you did.

Ia! F’tagn!


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