Publisher Spotlight… Blackbyrne Publishing.

In what we hope will become a semi regular feature here at we would like to present our first Publisher Spotlight by introducing you to Blackbyrne Publishing.

Blackbyrne PublishngBlackbyrne Publishing is a third party, independent publisher of adventures and other material for use with 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons as well as the Pathfinder roleplaying game.  The feel of their material is very 1st Edition, in a very positive way, and supports the validity of the tag line “Story over rules!”

Blackbyrne Publishing opened its doors two years ago with the publication of the mini-adventure Within Death’s Gaze and ever since then the catalogue has grown steadily to include four further main titles:  The Manor of Deceit, The Hidden Current, The Prophecy Revealed and most recently Sands of Despair (which I am looking forwards to reading once it is released for the Pathfinder system in the coming weeks). All of these adventures form a part of the Dark Veil campaign arc, which is intended to take characters from 1st to 20th level (30th if you are playing 4Ed D&D rather than Pathfinder).  In addition, there is a prequel adventure Encounter at Fairvale. All the titles are available through the DriveThruRPG store both as PDF downloads and as printed works.  The PDF downloads of Within Death’s Gaze and Encounter at Fairvale are available for free and I can’t recommend them enough either to whet your appetite for more, or even just as stand alone diversions for your Pathfinder or D&D game.

Within Death's Gaze, Encounter at FairviewAll of the material published by Blackbyrne is of a high quality, with professional artwork from a number of talented artists and includes nicely formatted battle maps for every encounter, each with 1” grids suitable for use with standard 25mm tabletop miniatures.  Each of the main titles is over seventy pages and provide all of the story, statistics and details that you need in an easily followed and concisely presented manner.

In his own words Jeff Gupton, writer, creator and owner of Blackbyrne Publishing has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for almost 30 years, both as a player and as DM, but mostly as the latter. The inspiration for Blackbyrne Publishing came one weekend in the summer of 2009 when, after many years of writing adventures for his friends, he decided to make some of them public.  You can find more about Jeff and the team at Blackbyrne on their website

Here at we are genuinely impressed with the quality of the work from Blackbyrne, personally it takes me back to the halcyon days of adventure scenarios and I’m sure that in time to come people will speak as fondly of the Dark Veil campaign arc as people of my generation do about some of those earlier series from TSR that we grew up playing. We think you should take the time to look at the excellent material being produced by Jeff and the team at Blackbyrne Publishing, we are sure you won’t be disappointed, especially if story led, classic fantasy is what you covet.

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