You’re Hired


It has been some time since we shared any RPG scenarios or resources with you all, something we are keen to put right.  So here you will find our latest offering in celebration of Tom Pellereau winning this years series of the “Apprentice”, we offer a fantasy spoof on the series – “You’re Hired“.

Overlord, Baron Sugar, ruler of the Two Kingdoms (Vigland and Amstradia) is holding a month long great rural fair in the countryside town of Hack-Knee, birthplace of the baron himself. The highlight of the event is an annual competition to identify a team of champions to take a hand in running one of his many and diverse operations. To this end he invites five teams from neighboring boroughs to compete in a series of challenges to identify who should join his entourage. After each challenge one team is dismissed. After three fairly simple challenges the two remaining teams go head to head in a final and deadly task. 

Presented for use with the Pathfinder RPG it is easily adapted to D&D 4th Ed. or even for use with OSRIC.  We hope you will have as much fun with it as we have.

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