March 4th – GM’s Day!

GM’s Day is March 4th!

And in honor of the day it is once again the annual GM’s day sale at RPGNOW and you can celebrate with a massive discounts off of loads of great titles. The GM’s day sale is on now and runs to the 7th of March. Don’t miss out – Time to pick up some goodies!

Below are a few of my  favorite suggestions:

Fat Dragon Games have a massive 25% off everything, the perfect time to pick up some top quality card stock models.

Ludibrium Games are taking part in the GM’s day sale again with 25% off of everything. They offer the best in old school adventure modules, for older editions of the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game and it’s retro clones (and easily convertible to any class and level RPG).

The chief monkeys at Faster Monkey Games have put all their products on sale. That means highly-rated old-school fantasy adventures like SKULL MOUNTAIN and WHEEL OF EVIL, the infamous TurnTracker, and best of all, LESSERTON & MOR.

LESSERTON & MOR is a new, 116-page, three-volume tour de force, the most varied, affordable, gigantic sandbox ever made for the Old School Renaissance, (so says the blurb – but trust me its not lying this is excellent). For a single price you get:

  • The Player’s Guide to Lesserton: Tons of options, like the Orkin PC race, stores and inns and bars, unique gambling games, rules for contacts and enemies, and how to gaining experience points through fast living!
  • The Referee’s Guide to Lesserton: Everything the ref needs to use the Lesserton as a home base for a campaign and a site for many urban escapades: Neighborhoods and racial intolerance, haggling, begging, muggers and pickpockets, bribes and the law, cost of living (poorly or well), rumors and hirelings, massive celebrations and their aftermath, entertainers, services on the street, gambling and  drinking, finding adventure, searching for love, and 65 shops and establishments peopled with over 140 quirky NPCs. With a bonus adventure by Jeff “Bighara” Sparks!
  • The Referee’s Guide to Mor: Complete resource for run countless, varied adventures in the Ruins of Mor. From getting past the giant walls in the first place, to the many deadly beings who lurk within, to the peculiar habits of the Vermin Tribes, this guide will keep the players guessing. The double-sized map covers two square miles, framed and seeded with set locations and foes, and offering plenty of room for random Weirdness, wandering monsters, and the referee’s own ideas. Tables cover day and night encounters, Hazards, Hauntings, Excavations, Lairs, Pits, orkin clans, the Curse of Mor, and much else besides. Includes BELOW THE JADE TEMPLE, a bonus dungeon crawl by Bighara!
  • Plus a large, color Ruins Map, with the unique Septhex system to track the locations of lairs, buildings, monsters, and mysterious dangers alike.
  • Bonus Poster Cover: Pete Mullen’s beautiful full-color art shows a party negotiating with the Bridge Orkin clan for passage into the great Ruins.

And not to be outdone the jolly nice  chaps at Gun Metal Games are taking part in the annual GM’s Day sale! All of their products are slashed by 50%,  If you’ve been waiting to buy one of their popular titles like Zeeks: Psionics in 2088 or the Savage Worlds edition of INterface Zero now is definitely the time to March Fourth!

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