Printable Character Sheet for Jorune


I’m off to see a group of my oldest roleplaying friends next weekend and to my absolute joy one of them has volounteered to run a game of  “Skyrealms of Jorune”.  If you’ve never played it then you have missed out. It is one of those classic games that appeared in the mid 1980’s – I think the second edition (the box set) was published in 1985.  It combined a fantastic storyline and premise with a simple enough gaming system, the artwork was wonderful and it was a rare enough game that those of us that played it could feel proudly geeky and slightly superior, as we did back in the day! 

Anyway I realised that I had no printable character sheets; so without permission I have butchered some scans to provide a downloadable PDF which can be printed out to give an approximation of the original 4 page – yes four page – character sheet and also as I was in the swing of things a two page Combat Summary Sheet, which makes playing the game nice and easy.

I hope there are people out there who might find them useful.

The sheets below are standard PDF files, just click the images below to download.

Printable Character Sheet


Printable Combat Summary Sheet


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