Thunderbirds Are Go!

With only five days left to run I thought I really should do a small plug for the Thunderbirds Boardgame Kickstarter being run by Modiphius Entertainment.  This is an Officially Licensed Thunderbirds Co-operative family friendly boardgame of International Rescue designed by Matt Leacock, the “Brains” behind hit games such as Pandemic, Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island.

The game was an immediate hit upon launching on Kickstarter, blatantly hitting the spot with fans of the show the world over. I was fortunate enough to have a little inside knowledge (more on that later) and had been keenly awaiting the launch of the Kickstarter, even so I was relatively slow off the mark and there were already 112 backers when I entered my pledge, but such was the immediate popularity, that I was the 140th backer by time I clicked done.  The project was funded in under two hours and tore through the first two stretch goals by tea-time on day one.

I mentioned above that I had a little inside knowledge, that came from being invited to join the team from G*M*S Magazine when they filmed a playtest for an episode of their Dice & Slice series – you should check it out here (as well as the boardgame there are great recipes and look out for the Millenium falcon brownie!).

The game I played was obviously still in development, but I was struck by a couple of things.  Firstly, it is genuinely loyal to the TV series, artwork, cards, events, themes, plots all very evocative of the episodes and if you are a fan there are lots of things that will make you remember your favourite bits.  Secondly it is truly cooperative, (no surprise given Matt Leacock’s Pandemic pedigree), but I could see myself playing it with friends and family and indeed across a range of ages.  Make no mistake this will be a cracking family game.  The cooperative element of the game is also incredibly fitting of the subject, the Tracy family working together to carry out complex rescues, save lives and thwart the evil machinations of “The Hood”.  Finally I was lucky enough to see some of the original (early) model sculpts and the detail was brilliant.

There is loads of info on the Kickstarter, page and there are a few days to get your pledge in.  On a practical note the basic pledge for the core boardgame will  cost you £40 plus shipping and it contains some great artwork and models of the fantastic Thunderbirds, for another £25 you can have the expansions that have been unlocked adding many more models, playable characters and an upgrade to allow you to add an extra player to “Play The Hood” adding another level and introducing a competitive, adversarial element.

In a last twist, and one that I am very excited about, there is a £20 add on which adds the rules and components to turn the boardgame into a full roleplaying experience.

It all looks and sounds F.A.B to me.



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