3. 2. 1. And you are back in the room…

Unreal MailThe last six months have been a complete rollercoaster for miskatonic.co.uk. For all sorts of reasons, some personal and some practical, the site has been largely off the air. This is the first time since I registered the domain in 2000 that I haven’t had some kind of regular activity whether that be sharing our own game content, reviewing products or promoting games, books or crowdfunding.

Well what is important is that we are now back online – new server, upgraded databases, spinach, power-ups and no kryptonite to be seen. We also have a backlog of content to get through over the next few months.

So I want to say thank you to everyone who mailed and asked what was happening, why no updates, a special thank you to the people who helped me with the migration of old content from one installation to another and a huge thank you to everyone who continued to visit the site looking at the old content. I always find it a huge lift when someone takes the time to look at an old review or mails me with questions about something that we posted many many moons ago.

Anyway… On with the show.



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