Bad News, Good News – Starblazer Adventures

Starblazer AdventuresBAD NEWS: A recent email from the nice folk at Cubicle 7 broke the news that they are discontinuing their classic “Starblazer Adventures” and “Legends of Anglerre” products. With their licensing agreement due to expire, and other projects in the pipeline they have had to make the tough decision not to renew it and to cease the publication of these landmark titles. After March 31st none of these products will be on sale.

GOOD NEWS: To celebrate these fantastic products, the nice folk of Cubicle 7 are running a special sale for the rest of March – all “Starblazer Adventures” and “Legends of Anglerre” PDF products will be $5. Which is an absolute BARGAIN! This means that for a measly $15 you could pick up the Starblazer Adventures, the Legends of Anglerre core book and the companion… Again I tell you BARGAIN!

Seriously though, “Starblazer Adventures” is a work of genius, if you are old enough to remember the Starblazer comic book of the 1970’s and 80’s you need to have this before it disappears from the virtual bookshelves. As well as lots of nostalgic artwork, (over 400 pieces spread through 630+ pages), the book details many recurring characters, organisations, empires and aliens such as the Fi-Sci (the Fighting Scientists of Galac Squad), The Star Patrol, The Suicide Squad, The Planet Tamer, Cinnibar the barbarian warrior of Babalon and galactic cop Frank Carter to name just a few. It has attracted much praise, none more impressive than:

“Enough galactic conspiracies, star creatures, space fleets, swashbuckling scientists and alien war worlds to keep you and your friends busy for years” – Ian Livingstone

As if that wasn’t enough, to quote the wonderful folk at Cubicle 7:

“Legends of Anglerre shoves a massive battle axe in the hands of the Ennie Award nominated Starblazer Adventures roleplaying game”.

Legends Of AnglerreJust like “Starblazer Adventures” itself, “Legends of Anglerre” is a stand-alone  interpretation of the FATE rules and features two detailed fantasy settings.  Most significantly “Anglerre”, the world featured in the original Starblazer fantasy comics, and secondly “Lords of the Hither Kingdoms”, an new and original setting.

As with “Starblazer Adventures” artwork from the classic Starblazer comics is used throughout, evoking the high fantasy nostalgia brings the worlds to life in a way that would have pleased even “Axel The Avenger”!

Finally the “Legends of Anglerre Companion” adds new rules for families and dynasties, city and island adventures, aspects-only play, and a complete random adventure generator, as well as two complete scenarios (“Dreams on Dragon Island” and “The Sirens of Simris”

Don’t miss out, it really is the last chance and its a lot of RPG for $15.

Ia! F’tagn!



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