The Clay That Woke

This is a last minute shout out in support of a Kickstarter by Paul Czege; “The Clay That Woke“.  It ends in less than 48 hours and is already fully funded, including reaching its two stretch goals to have the graphic design and layout done by Brennan Reece and to double the amount of interior art by Nate Marcel.

Now if those names don’t mean anything to you…  Shame on you!  Paul Czege is probably best known for his roleplaying game “My Life With Master“, which is far and away one of the best independent games I have ever read or played.  I’ve never written a review (lord knows why not), but you are just going to have to trust me that its brilliant.  He is the author of one of only 18 role-play games profiled in the Origins award winning Hobby Games: The 100 Best. 

The Kickstarter launches Paul Czege’s new game “The Clay That Woke“, which promises to be an immersive game set in a richly imagined world where the player characters take on the roles of Minotaurs.  If you watch the video and read the blurb you will see that the author is genuinely excited by the game and with Nate Marcel and Brennan Reece involved it promises to be visually stunning as well.  It features a unique token based game mechanic where tokens drawn from a bowl are matched to a menu of outcomes, sounds a bit weird (I can hear my friends asking “what about my dice”), but I think it looks really quite exciting.

I should have waved a flag about this much earlier, and I am sorry for not doing so, I think it is one of the most exciting Kickstarters around, if you back this in the next forty-seven hours I am certain you won’t regret it.

Ia! F’tagn!


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