Happy Holidays Everyone!


Awakening XmasHappy Christmas to everyone from me and all the minions at miskatonic.co.uk.

It has been a slow end to the year for us here at miskatonic.co.uk. Mainly this has been due to work, (the real day job), and life in general taking up more of my time than usual.

What this does mean though is that we have a number of projects on the back-burner for the new year, things like: completing our weapon cards series, a whole bunch of reviews of new products, reviews of Kickstarter projects that are finally delivering their goodies and many other things that we hope you will like, so please do keep dropping by.

Many thanks to everyone who has emailed us and to all of you who have linked to miskatonic.co.uk. Have a very merry Christmas and I’ll see you all in the new year.

Ia! F’tagn, Derek.

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