It seems like an age… Oh and an Ice Cream Card Game?

Dear Derek...I realised today, that with one thing and another, we have been a little bit quiet here at with nearly a month gone by and next to no posts at all.  We failed to comment on GenCon, or even the results of the Ennies (well done Chronicle City/Modiphius – and in particular Sarah Newton – for the Silver Ennie for Best Adventure for Acthung! Cthulhu – Three Kings).  We didn’t even manage to muster a happy birthday H.P Lovecraft on August 20th (belated happy birthday Howard).  For all of this we have no real excuse other than its been a busy time.

Once again I found myself visiting Brighton for the BURPS ReuniCon.  This year our humble reunion/roleplaying con had a Zombie theme and I particularly enjoyed playing Cosmic Patrol and running some Savage Worlds – War Of The Dead.

I’ve also been busy trying to finish the Savage Worlds Weapons Cards. As mentioned in a previous post we have two more decks in the pipeline; Weapons Deck #2 will complete the list of common weapons found in the Savage Worlds rulebook and add in a few juicy extras, but we also have our WWII Weapons Deck which will list the most common British and German weapons.  There is a possibility that we may follow that up with a US and Japanese deck, but I need to research that a little more first.

Finally its been a great month for RPG Kickstarters, I’m particularly thrilled with Weird Wars Rome from Pinnacle Entertainment Group Inc, within a week of the Kickstarter closing they shipped the Core Rulebook PDF to backers and I have to say it is something I can’t wait to run, but it might wait until I get my hardcopy later in the year.

So while we have probably been a little quiet here in the non euclidean depths of the interweb, we have been busy elsewhere and hope to have lots of interesting articles and resources to bring you over the next few months.

For now I’ll leave you with something slightly different that was brought to our attention earlier today, a Kickstarter for a curious little card game that we think you may well enjoy and that we hope you might find your way to backing: Amg! Ice Cream.



Why do we like this little game?  Well there are a bunch of reasons…  Firstly the cute little “Blobs”, whats not to like there?  Secondly its a simple game that I can see people playing for fun with younger kids – anything that encourages famillies to play games together, (be that card games, board games or RPG’s) is a good thing in my book.  Thirdly, the gameplay looks to incorporate the essential elements of both strategy and luck, and I like that in a game, it balances things out particularly well when you play with younger or less experienced gamers – keeping it fun for everyone.  Finally the games designer and artist is in her twenties, and I love it when young, innovative people get into the games industry in this way – we need more creative young talent to bring new things to our games table.

So, I’m off to back the kickstarted for Amg! Ice Cream, (Good luck with it Tessa – hope its a huge success).

Ia! F’tagn!


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