More weapon cards to come…



I have had some very positive feedback on the weapon cards deck that we published earlier this week (see here) and it has been downloaded quite a few times already.  So on that basis I thought I would share a sample of the artwork that I am using for a smaller set of “Improvised Weapons” cards that I am going to use with a Savage Worlds – War Of The Dead game that I will be running later this month, and of course when completed we will share the cards here at free to download as always.

For a zombie horror game, the ultimate improvised weapon has to the chainsaw, so here in all its “gory” (click the picture to enlarge), is the chainsaw card that I am working on.  The aim is to post a set of sixteen improvised weapons before the end of the month – so watch this space.

I’m also working on Modern Weapons Deck#2 which will include the various rifles and small arms from the core Savage Worlds rules that were left out of Deck#1, along with a few specials.  We are also looking at possibly doing a set of 2nd World War focussed weapons, 16 classic British and 16 German weapons.


Ia! F’tagn!


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