Coriolis: The Dying Ship

The ice hauler Orun II has stopped responding to hails, and has changed course towards a deadly asteroid cloud. The player characters are tasked with intercepting the heavy freighter to find out what has happened onboard and bring it back to Coriolis safely. What is hiding aboard the silent hauler …

John Carter of Mars

I’m a little bit behind posting this latest “Kickstart your week” but it has probably been the easiest one to choose so far.  Modiphius Entertainment have been signposting the John Carter of Mars Kickstarter for some time, and now its live! John Carter of Mars or to give it its …

This weeks featured website is, an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games, but it also carries board, card and role-play games. It’s a platform that enables anyone to sell the content they’ve created. As a seller you’re in charge of how it’s done: you set the price, you run sales, and you design your pages. It’s never necessary to get votes, likes, or follows to get your content approved, and you can make changes to how you distribute your work as frequently as you like. is also a collection of some of the most unique, interesting, and independent creations you’ll find on the web. is not your typical digital storefront, with a wide range of both paid and free content, they encourage you to look around and see what you find!

Frankenstein Faktoria Role Playing Game

This week we want to draw your attention to a roleplaying Kickstarter that is something different indeed – Frankenstein Faktoria. In Frankenstein Faktoria you play one of Dr Victor von Frankenstein’s creations born of Frankensteins factory  on the outskirts of the town of Shalleymouth. In his sinister factory Frankenstein works continually …

Honey I’m building a dungeon – Part 1

Generally speaking I have not historically been a great fan of the extensive use of miniatures in my roleplaying games.  Maybe just as indicators for party order, or perhaps when combat gets particularly complex – to track positions.  But recently, for certain games I’ve slowly mellowed my attitude and started …

Most popular downloads

The most popular downloads from over the years of have been added to the new site.  There are more that will be added over the coming weeks, so if you are looking for something that’s not there yet feel free to let us know and we will see what we can do.

You can find the latest list of available downloads here, or via the menu on the left of the screen.

Happy new year,



A New Year and a new look

Welcome to the new look for 2018!  I am determined that this year is going to be a little different and we are going to try and be a little more interactive, provide a little more content and to share some of my thoughts and opinions on what is happening in the world of roleplay games.  A look at what is new, exciting and different.  As always there will be a slight bent towards games that I particularly enjoy, especially those drawing on the inspiration and creations of H.P Lovecraft – but there will be other things too.

Hopefully over the coming weeks and months there will be something here at to pique your interest as we journey through the depths of the internet in an attempt to find those hidden gems as well as bring you some of our own original creations and sharing with you the projects that we are working on currently.

Look forward to seeing you around.