Frankenstein Faktoria Role Playing Game

This week we want to draw your attention to a roleplaying Kickstarter that is something different indeed – Frankenstein Faktoria.

In Frankenstein Faktoria you play one of Dr Victor von Frankenstein’s creations born of Frankensteins factory  on the outskirts of the town of Shalleymouth. In his sinister factory Frankenstein works continually producing, unnatural creatures, creatures which deny nature’s laws produced on an assembly line, endlessly, day-by-day.

But, unlike most of the creatures you are a little special, you have flashes of Free Will and the game is about what you choose to do with this “freedom”.

On Kickstarter there is a lot more detail of the game, some insight into the character creation, the game mechanics as well as its background and examples of the superb new artwork by David Allsop, possibly best known for his artwork for Wizards of the Coast.

It is possible, but unlikely, that you may have come across Frankenstein Faktoria before – it was originally published in 2000 by Polish games company, Portal Games.  This Kickstarter is a translation and evolution of that original work.  According to the blurb it has already been fully translated and is ready for layout along with the previously mentioned new artwork.

There are a range of attractively priced pledge levels and some great opportunities to  shape Shalleymouth, the nearest town to Frankensteins factory. A big part of the Kickstarter campaign is aimed at producing a new Shalleymouth supplement for Frankenstein Faktoria, which you can pledge for in certain tiers.  Some of these tiers will allow you to make your mark on the town; by becoming a resident or maybe even helping to flesh out one of the local establishments. Fancy being the landlord of a pub?  There are also pledge opportunities for backers to secure an illustration based upon their likeness appearing in the Shalleymouth book.

The Shalleymouth setting will be “serialised”, to backers at the appropriate levels, in 24 parts over the period between  April 2018 until March 2019, with each detailing more of the setting. Then, once the series has completed backers will receive a PDF of all the completed parts along with  a voucher to order a physical copy at cost + postage through DriveThruRPG.

We are really intrigued by Frankenstein Faktoria, its a very different kind of game.  Of the type that I am particularly fond of – rules light, story led.  It reminds me, in passing, of My Life With Master by Paul Czege, a game of which I am very fond.

At the time of writing there are ten days left to run on the Kickstarter and it has successfully passed its modest £1000 initial funding target.  The Kickstarter is being run by Angus Abranson – as his Kickstarter bio says Angus is “the owner of Chronicle City Ltd, a publishing company that not only creates and develops their own board, card and roleplaying games but also assists other companies and designers in bringing their games to market. He previously founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment, and was one of the founders of the Dragonmeet convention in London and Valkyrie Magazine”.

We hope you will take a look at Frankenstein Faktoria – it deserves to be well supported.